Storage of learning records

JSC “Nacionalinis švietimo centras” implements the project “Development of Lithuanian Competences and Skills Systematic Management and Analysis Tools” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project is co-financed by the European Union Structural Funds measure “ Intelligence. Joint Science-Business Projects .

JSC “Nacionalinis švietimo centras” is one of the largest companies in Lithuania, developing and implementing integrated education information systems. Currently, the electronic diary system created by the company provides various learning or learning-related data from more than 600 pre-school and general education institutions operating in Lithuania. They are not clearly structured and are not stored in a single defined repository, so their targeted use and analysis is not possible. A similar situation in many other e. educational products / services.

Accordingly, institutions of different levels and types (state institutions, higher education institutions, business) make decisions without specific analytical information – study programs are prepared, teachers are trained, businesses are started and services are provided, regardless of the real “basket” of learners’ competencies.

The project aims to develop a prototype platform for learning data collection, storage, data exchange and analysis of collected data, based on the emerging Learning API for data exchange. The learning data platform prototype will create a repository of learning records, which will display the collected learning data from external IT systems, ensure their storage and exchange, as well as the mechanism of analysis of the collected data and presentation of analysis data in different sections, to different stakeholders. . The developed prototype and the services provided by the principles of cloud computing with its help will enable educational institutions of various levels to actively use blended learning methodologies. The solutions developed and tested during the project will make it possible to achieve diverse learning content with the most advanced xAPI standard, to assess educational progress according to the acquired competencies in any of the available e-learning standards. media, not just in the physical environments of educational institutions.

Implementation period: 2017 March – 2018 December.

The project has been extended until 2019. September 17

An investment amount of EUR 123,311.01 has been allocated from the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of the project.

data bases illustration