“Diaryium” is a website based system that places “paper” diaries and grade books into the virtual space. The system stores all the information related to students’ grades, teachers’ comments, schedules, homework, and provokes promotes faster and more effective communication between the school community members – teachers, administration, students and their parents.

Each user of the system can login using different login name and password and sees their customed environments. Students can follow their academic performance, schedule and average changes. Parents who might be travelling abroad can follow their children’s attendance, grades and remotely communicate with teachers using internet. Teachers no longer need to calculate the semester and trimester grades, skipped classes – electronic diary accomplishes it for them. Class supervisors can observe class excellence, organize the activities, parents meetings, etc. School supervisors can quickly obtain information about students’ academic record, subjects, teachers, parents, and other relevant information, they can also achieve the needed documents from any place in the world.

Today “Diaryium” is used by more than 340 000 registered users – teachers, students and their parents. Around 26 000 of them use  “Diaryium” app in their mobile phones.


For more detailed information, please visit our website “Diaryium”.