INTEGRRA is a versatile and modern tool for managing documents and tasks of any organization. Our system is based on cloud computing technology, so using the system does not require investment in system support and no knowledge of IT. Many companies still think DVS is an expensive investment, but don’t be fooled – INTEGRRA is changing market standards. Using the advantages of cloud computing technology, we can offer our customers especially favorable service prices.

When you start using INTEGRRA you will:

You will drastically reduce paper and printing costs and save a lot of valuable time. You will sign the documents by e-mail. signature, create tasks and orders, quickly and conveniently search for documents, replace colleagues, create reports, receive e-mail reminders. email, send documents for reference and much more! You will be able to enjoy the benefits of integration with other systems such as accounting, financial program and so on. INTEGRRA services are successfully used by over 125 companies, the number of which is constantly growing.

Our document management system will ensure that your organization’s document management complies with applicable legislation and data protection requirements.

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